Student Orientation

Franklin Education provides students with a wide range of orientation services which are briefly described as follows:

Pick up service

Upon arrival in Toronto, we will send a driver to pick the student up at the airport and take the student to the school residence. We will help students phone home and report their safe arrival in Canada to their loved ones.

Canada life adaptation training

To explain the legal system, transportation system, customs, culture and way of life in Ontario, the school will provide training to help students quickly adapt to the Canadian lifestyle.

Healthcare service

Upon arrival in Toronto, we will arrange for the purchase of medical insurance coverage for the first year to ensure students for the very best medical service available. We will also provide students with information on how to use the Canadian healthcare system.

Bank account opening services

To help students quickly adapt to their new environment, when they arrive, we will assist the students in opening a bank account, getting a bank card and applying for a credit card.

Parent reporting service

The school will contact and communicate with the student’s parents through telephone, fax, email and letters. Parents will receive the student’s report cards periodically, so that the parents can understand their child’s academic and personal life in Canada.

Parent visits

We welcome each parent to come to Canada to visit the student, and come to the school to learn about their child’s education and life in Canada. The school will assist students in inviting their parents to visit in Canada. The school will also provide the students’ parents who visit Canada with various services such as flight booking, hotel booking and tour booking.

Visa service

We will assist students in their renewal of international student visas.

Student travel service

Young people love to travel and have fun. Many students enjoy traveling to favorite tourist destinations in Ontario as well as U.S.A. We will provide students with travel information, and assist the students in choosing a good travel agent.



Scarborough Community Family Accommodation

Franklin provides middle-class family accommodation (home-stay) arrangements for international students in the beautiful Scarborough community. Franklin selects local families that have rich experiences in hosting international students. Local families provide rooms for students with bed, desk and chair, TV, internet access and other appropriate living facilities for international students to create a warm and comfortable accommodation. Local families provide students with a nutritious breakfast and dinner (some families provide lunch), will also supervise students in time schedules.


Living with local families not only provides a good language learning environment, but also help students quickly get familiar with Canadian culture and blend to Canadian lives.


Residential Services

When a student’s home-stay is confirmed, Franklin will provide the family stay photos and briefings to the students and parents, so parents and student have the relevant information in advance.

Franklin will keep track of the living conditions after the arrival of each student. If the students have home-stay replacement demands, Franklin will coordinate arrangements for the students to change home-stay.

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